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A region's economy thrives or dives because of the people who choose to live there. That choice may occur by being born there and desiring to stay, or a more deliberate one of choosing to relocate from somewhere else. Monitoring change in the size and movement of population is an important barometer of well-being.

Population Over Time
Total Population35,42738,07837,12336,31336,717
Change Since 1990 2,6511,6968861,290
Pct. Change Since 1990 7.5%4.8%2.5%3.6%
Source: US Census Bureau
Components of Population Change 2020 to 2021
Net Domestic Migration221
International Migration6
Natural Increase (births minus deaths)-112
Source: US Census Bureau
Population Estimates by Age in 2021
 NumberPct. Dist
Preschool (0 to 4)2,0885.7%
School Age (5 to 17)5,90916.1%
College Age (18 to 24)3,4879.5%
Young Adult (25 to 44)8,87324.2%
Older Adult (45 to 64)9,80926.7%
Older (65 plus)6,55117.8%
Source: US Census Bureau
Population Estimates by Race and Hispanic Origin in 2021
 NumberPct. Dist
American Ind. or Alaskan Native Alone2140.6%
Asian Alone2450.7%
Black Alone2950.8%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pac. Isl. Alone270.1%
White Alone35,44496.5%
Two or More Race Groups4921.3%
Hispanic or Latino
Non-Hispanic or Latino35,66297.1%
Hispanic or Latino1,0552.9%
Source: US Census Bureau
Households in 2021
 NumberPct. Dist
Total Households14,928100.0%
  Family Households9,95466.7%
    Married with Children2,40916.1%
    Married without Children5,23035.0%
    Single Parents1,3188.8%
  Non-family Households4,97433.3%
    Living Alone4,16427.9%
Average Household Size2.46
Average Family Household Size3.69
Source: US Census Bureau, American Community Survey 5 Year Estimates
Population Counts by Decade
Pct. Chg.
April 200038,0782,6517.5%
April 201037,123-955-2.5%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Population Projections
Population Projections37,12436,73136,29935,76935,038
Change Since 2010 -393-825-1,355-2,086
Pct. Change Since 2010 -1.1%-2.2%-3.6%-5.6%
Source: Indiana Business Research Center.
Note: 2010 data are census counts from the U.S. Census Bureau

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