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Projected Jobs by Industry

Projected Jobs by Industry, commonly referenced as occupational staffing patterns, presents the results of the Occupational Employment Statistics Survey of industries. The survey is conducted over a 3-year period and details the occupational distribution within industries. This output incorporates the results of Indiana’s latest industry-occupational matrix to provide the base year industry staffing and the long-term projections of that staffing pattern.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean when you say "jobs by industry"?
    An occupation refers to a category of jobs with similar characteristics: examples include physician, welder, engineer, or nurse. Reported occupational employment is the total jobs in a particular occupation for a particular industry. For example, there are thousands of people employed in the transportation equipment manufacturing industry in Indiana. Within transportation equipment manufacturing, there are a variety of occupations that comprise the occupational staffing pattern for that industry.
  • What does "jobs by industry" tell me when I’m looking for a job?
    Some people choose an industry to work in before choosing an occupation. The industry staffing pattern of an industry tells you which occupations are in demand by that industry. You can also see if occupational demand is increasing or declining when occupational projections are added to the display.