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Indiana Manufacturing on a Roll
Indiana continues to rank first among states in the percent of its workforce engaged in manufacturing. It also ranked second in the nation in manufacturing employment growth over the past year.
Job Growth Uneven across Indiana
Looking at statewide statistics can mask what is happening locally. This article highlights how employment growth has varied across the state's metro areas.
Hoosier Veterans
More than 455,000 veterans live in Indiana, and 35 percent of those veterans served during the Vietnam era.
90 Years and Indiana Doubles Its Population
Exploring historical Census data, we find that 33 counties have more than doubled in population since 1920, while 17 counties actually have fewer residents today than they did in the Roaring Twenties.
Indiana's Housing Market in 2014
While home sales and house prices moderated in 2014, Indiana is beginning to see the foundations of a healthier market take shape.
Today's Labor Force
More than 80 percent of Hoosiers in their prime working years (between age 25 and 54) are part of the labor force.
The Value of Indiana Agriculture Production
Indiana is beginning to see a wider range of agricultural products being produced locally. Part 3 in this series on agriculture explores production and sales for Indiana farmers.
Importance of the Statewide Industry Mix
A changing industry mix is an important, though sometimes subtle, force impacting wage growth in Indiana.
Fast Facts about Foreign Direct Investment in Indiana
Foreign direct investment plays a big role in Indiana's economy and accounts for almost 6 percent of the state's private employment.
Measuring Income Refined: Per Capita Personal Income Now Adjusted for Regional Price Parities
For the first time, personal income estimates are officially adjusted for price differences across the nation to provide cost-of-living-based income for any state.
Southwest Central Indiana: First Glimpses of an Emerging Region
Southwest Central Indiana is a diverse region with both great potential and significant challenges.
Annual Commuting Trends
Analysis of Indiana tax returns provide us with a valuable source of commuting information. Learn more about the annual commuting profiles on STATS Indiana.
Income Inequality Here and There
Income inequality is gaining increased attention in public forums worldwide as an issue of major concern. Arguing for a hike in the minimum wage, President Obama has called income inequality a bigger threat to the U.S. economy than the budget deficit.
Indiana's Trade with BRICS and Emerging Markets
Economists and market analysts are continuously searching the horizon to find the next big thing, the next big market to make a sale.
Hoosiers on the Move
Between 2011 and 2012, 15 percent of Indiana's population moved, consistent with the national rate, according to the 2012 American Community Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau. What do we know about these residents on the move?
Who's Hiring?
Help-wanted ads and exploring current job postings can tell you a lot about the labor market. This article highlights some of the key hiring demand indicators available for Indiana.
Indiana Graduates and Brain Drain
The tendency of bachelor's degree graduates to stay and work in Indiana after graduation declines over time. Learn which types of graduates are most affected.
Understanding the Benefits of Workforce Churn
The importance of workforce churn in a healthy labor market is often overlooked. What role does churn play in Indiana's labor market and how was it impacted by the recession?
Indiana Economic Analysis Report
Indiana Economic Analysis Report
Indiana's Housing Market in 2013
It took a while, but Indiana's housing market now appears to be squarely on the road to recovery. Of course, given the depth of the housing slump, there are still a few more miles left on the path to a healthy market.
If You Build It, They Will Come: Indiana's Labor Response to Changing Employment Opportunities
How responsive is Indiana's labor market to the needs of the marketplace? This article highlights mobility and churn to answer the question.
Exploring Hoosier Minority Groups: Indiana's Native American Population
Learn more about Indiana's Native American population in this demographic snapshot.
Vehicles and Pharmaceuticals Lead Indiana’s Exports
If current trends for the top two industries continue, pharmaceutical products may become the top export in the near future. Learn more about the nature of Indiana's vehicles/parts and pharmaceutical exports and where they are going in this article.
Small Firm Growth: Important for Success
Nurturing small firm development can be beneficial to Indiana's economy, as this article shows a correlation between small businesses and employment growth.
Born Abroad: Recent Immigrants to Indiana
Did you know that Burma is the most common country of origin for Indiana's newest green card recipients? This article highlights a variety of statistics about Indiana's foreign-born population.
Exploring Hoosier Minority Groups: Indiana's Asian Population
Learn more about Indiana's Asian population in this demographic snapshot.
Indiana's Ag Economy
Agriculture and forestry play a vital role in the Indiana economy, contributing $37.9 billion in economic output and supporting nearly 190,000 jobs.
Per Capita Income Recovery: Indiana Counties
Per capita personal incomes have stabilized in Indiana counties since the recession and are showing growth.
Exploring Hoosier Minority Groups: Indiana's Hispanic Population
Learn more about Indiana's fastest growing ethnic group in this demographic snapshot.
The 2013 Metro Landscape for Indiana
Find out what has changed with the 2013 revision of metro area definitions.
Gibson Is Gone (and So Is Webster)
Carol Rogers (Executive Editor and State Census Liaison) laments the recent exclusion of Gibson County from the Evansville metro and suggests what we can do about it.
Life Science Industries Increase Indiana's Personal Income
Without the life science industries, Indiana's per capita personal income would drop by more than $1,000.
The Great Recession's Impact on Frictional Unemployment and the Labor Market
In a healthy labor market, employees change jobs if it is in their best financial interest. How did the recession impact those who changed jobs as well as those who stayed with the same employer?
Exploring Hoosier Minority Groups: Indiana's Black Population
Learn more about Indiana's largest minority group in this demographic snapshot.
Taking the Hometown Discount: What is the Daily Commute Worth to You?
How much are people willing to forego in wages for the opportunity to work closer to home?
The Education of Hoosiers: An Overview
How has adult educational attainment changed since 2010?
Labor Force Dynamics: What Influences the Size of the Labor Force?
Learn what factors contribute to labor force expansion and contraction.
Manufacturing's Impact on Household Income and the Middle Class
Does a strong manufacturing base in Indiana promote the well-being of the middle class?
Indiana's Amish Population
Indiana is home to 19 percent of the nation's Amish population. Learn more about where they are concentrated around the nation and the state.
Assessment of the ACT WorkKeys Job Skills Test
Can taking the WorkKeys job skills test shorten the length of time to find employment? Does scoring well on the test translate to higher wages?
Future Workers of Indiana: Projecting the Labor Force to 2040
Indiana's labor force is expected to grow slowly in the coming decades. What does this mean for the state's economy?
Indiana's Statistical Areas: An Overview
Learn more about Indiana's metros, micros and rural areas.
Indiana Recession Employment Patterns
How has the Great Recession affected employment patterns in Indiana? How many Hoosiers have stayed with the same employer?
Gateway: An Open Door to Indiana Local Government
A new web portal opens the door for taxpayers to access local government budgets and financial reports.
Union Membership in Indiana
How many Hoosiers are union members and how does Indiana compare to the nation?
Measuring Indiana: Veterans
Recent data give us a snapshot of Indiana veterans. Find out where they served as well as their gender, wages, educational attainment and ethnicity.
Top Level Degrees in Indiana: A Look at the Numbers
How many doctoral graduates from Indiana's public universities stayed to work in Indiana? Find out what they studied and how many were native Hoosiers.
Health Insurance Coverage
Learn more about how Indiana's health insurance coverage compares to the nation and how it has changed over the past decade. Read More
Indiana's Minority Population Is Growing
The Hispanic population increased in all 92 Indiana counties, growing 82 percent statewide since 2000. What other minority groups saw increases?Read More
Measuring Housing: Quick Facts from the 2010 Census for Indiana
Almost 70 percent of homes in Indiana are owner-occupied. Find out more housing facts from Census 2010. Read More
Products not Commodities: The Indiana-European Trade Connection
What products do Indiana and the EU import from each other? Read More
Where Are the Kids? Indiana Households with Children
Fewer Indiana households contain children than a decade ago. Learn more about these family households and how they've changed. Read More
Measuring the Size and Scope of Government in Indiana and Across the U.S.
The Census of Governments is coming. Here's what you need to know. Read More
How Green Is Indiana?
Results from Indiana's first green jobs survey: Most of the state's green jobs are in manufacturing and construction. Read More
Indiana Personal Income: The Recession Experience
Some Indiana counties fared better than others in terms of per capita personal income during the recession. Read More
Jobs for Displaced Auto Workers
Team assemblers is one of the auto occupations with the most layoffs in recent years. This article explores the demographics of affected workers and tools available to help them transition to new careers. Read More
Census 2010: Children = Diversity
Indiana has more children now than a decade ago and they are increasing the racial/ethnic diversity in the state. Read More
The Compactness of Indiana's New Legislative Districts
Indiana has new legislative districts. See how they stack up in comparison to the prior districts. Read More
Jobs for Displaced Auto Workers
Team assemblers is one of the auto occupations with the most layoffs in recent years. This article explores the demographics of affected workers and tools available to help them transition to new careers. Read More
Broadband Adoption in Indiana
How many Hoosier households are adopting high-speed Internet connections? Read More
Roller Coaster Employment: A Look at Before, During and After the Recession
Here's an overview of the ups and downs in employment surrounding the Great Recession. Read More
Who Builds Those Windmills?
Indiana and the greater Midwest not only stand to gain from wind as a source of energy, but also from windmill manufacturing as a source of economic growth. Read More
Digging Deeper into the Innovation Index
This article explores the sub-indexes of the Innovation Index and the relationships between the components. Read More
The Higher Education Plans of Indiana's High School Graduates
Do recent Hoosier graduates intend to pursue a 4-year college degree, a 2-year degree, or something else? Read More
Indiana's Wood Products Industry
Indiana's forests produce high-quality wood that is converted into many different products. Learn how many people are employed in this industry, major exports and more.Read More
Northeast Indiana: Realtors Region 3 Profile
Learn more about the 12 counties in northeast Indiana's Realtors Region 3, including characteristics of homes sold in 2009.Read More
Ireland: Countries IN Profile
Ireland maintains important trade linkages with Indiana. Learn which Hoosier exports are most in demand, as well as how this relationship has been affected by the global economic crisis. Read More
Poverty Data: Where to Find It and What It Tells Us
How has the recent recession affected poverty rates? This article walks you through the various sources of poverty data, exploring recent trends in Indiana, its counties and metro areas. While Indiana's poverty rate ranks 24th nationally, it fares much better when compared to its Midwestern neighbors. Read More
Indiana Employee Tenure by Industry and Manufacturing Sub-Sector
In which industries are current Indiana workers likely to have spent longer periods of their career? And how do the wages of higher tenured workers compare by industry or by loyalty to the same employer? This article seeks to understand some key issues about employee tenure through use of longitudinal administrative records from the newly created Indiana Workforce and Education Intelligence System (IWIS). (more)
The Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Industry
When people talk about the electric power industry, the focus of the conversation is usually on the power generation side of the business or on the utilities. A third and often overlooked portion of the power and energy industry is the transmission and distribution space (T&D), an important cluster of industries that include the production of machinery, electric lines and transformers as well as line management systems (such as "smart-grid" technology) that improve efficiency. (more)
North-Central Indiana: Realtors Region 2 Profile
Realtors Region 2, with a 2009 estimated population of 862,000, comprises 17 counties in north-central Indiana: Benton, Blackford, Carroll, Cass, Clinton, Delaware, Fountain, Grant, Henry, Howard, Madison, Miami, Tippecanoe, Tipton, Wabash, Warren and White. The region covers a land area of more than 6,500 square miles and has a population density of 132 people per square mile, giving residents lots of room. (more)
Countries IN Profile: Portugal
This article overviews Portugal's economy and looks at Indiana's exports to the country, including tips for conducting business there. (more)
Jobs at Last Part of the Recovery
New jobs are being added to Indiana's economy. Between January and May of this year, Indiana added 51,800 jobs. While administrative and support services had the largest increase in jobs statewide, manufacturing came in second among the industries, adding 11,600 jobs.(more)
The Importance of Indiana Agriculture
Agriculture is entwined in every aspect of our lives, regardless of where we live through the basic essentials of food, clothing, and shelter. Therefore, it is important to revisit and realize the importance of agriculture in Indiana as its impact is far reaching. Utilizing the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) data, this article discusses agricultural trends and their impacts on Indiana. (more)
Segmenting Indiana's Automotive Manufacturing Industry: Jobs and Wages
When we think of automotive manufacturing, we often focus on the final product such as the car, truck or recreational vehicle we may purchase. What we may overlook is that most economic activity and employment in this industry are "upstream" of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) since body and trailer manufacturers and particularly parts manufacturers are the larger direct employers. (more)
Recession Alters Indiana Migration Trends
One important side effect of the recent recession has been a slowdown in migration across much of the country. Once booming states like Florida, Arizona and Nevada saw comparatively small population gains through migration in 2009. Indiana recorded a 2009 net in-migration of just 2,390 residents - our second lowest tally in this decade.(more)
Down for the Count, Up for the Data
The decennial census has a central purpose: to count everyone residing in the United States. But that purpose must be transformed into numbers of people (and their characteristics of age, race and sex) by state and locality. (more)
Consumer Price Index at 217.6 in March 2010
March 2010 data is now available (more)
The Indiana Leading Economic Index: Indicators of a Changing Economy
Spring 2010 - "The Indiana Leading Economic IndexThe Leading Index for Indiana (LII) was developed for Hoosier businesses and governments to provide a signal for changes in the general direction of the Indiana economy."
Employment and Economic Growth in the U.S. Automotive Manufacturing Industry: Considering the Impact of American and Japanese Automakers
Spring 2010 - "Employment, Growth and Auto ManufacturingThis article sheds light on the relationship between carmaker performance and employment on GDP trends."
Occupational Hazard: Why Indiana's Wages Lag the Nation
Spring 2010 - "Why Indiana Wages Lag the Nation:The lower concentration and lower wages of occupations in the higher-earning tier contribute mightily to the gap between Indiana and the U.S., not necesarily the loss of manufacturing jobs."
Future Casino Tax Yields: What Recent Trends in Casino Wagering and Attendance Suggest
Spring 2010 - "The Future of Casino Wagering TaxesRevenue growth looms large in Indiana as the wagering tax has become a major source of funding for the state's property tax relief program. However, the recent trends in casino attendance and win suggest that, at best, long-run annual growth in the wagering tax may persist, but at rather nominal rates."
Where Can I Find Commuting Data?
Mar-Apr 2010 -"Understanding the relationship between where people live and where people work is necessary for a variety of analyses. Commuting data at the county-level is readily available..." (more)
The Year that Counts: 2010
Mar-Apr 2010 - "Every 10 years a census is conducted to count everyone living in the United States and this is the year. Why count everyone?" (more)
How Innovative Are Indiana's Metro Areas?
Mar-April 2010 - "Innovation is a critical capability for regional economies. The innovation index provides some perspective on how well a regional economy translates innovative capacity into prosperity." (more)
Indiana's Small Business Snapshot
Mar-Apr 2010 - "In all, Indiana had 152,858 establishments in 2007, with 129,258 of those being small businesses (defined here as having fewer than 20 employees). This ranked Indiana 18th among states and the District of Columbia in the sheer number of small businesses." (more)
Measuring Regional Capacity for Innovation
Jan-Feb 2010 - "Innovation is a key ingredient in an economy's ability to increase the standard of living for a region's residents." (more)
Do Teachers Have Education Degrees? Matching Fields of Study to Popular Occupations of Bachelor's Degree Graduates
Jan-Feb 2010 - "The current debate on the training needs of our nation's teachers reminds us that it is often challenging to match fields of study to occupations and vice-versa." (more)
Occupation Clusters
Jan-Feb 2010 - "Occupation cluster analysis is a relatively new approach in regional development." (more)
Foreign Direct Investment in Indiana
Sep-Oct 2009 - "Indiana has been one of the nation's top beneficiaries of foreign direct investment. Indiana ranks 14th among states with 148,000 workers employed at firms in which a foreign investor or company..." (more)
Cities and Towns vs. Unincorporated Areas: Latest Growth Trends
Sep-Oct 2009 - "Last year, we noted an emerging trend of Indiana's cities and towns outpacing the population growth in unincorporated areas.1 That trend seems to be continuing given the latest sub-county population estimates for 2008..." (more)
The Latest on Indiana's Foreign-Born Population
Sep-Oct 2009 - "Today, people from all over the world live in Indiana, with five in every 100 people hailing from another country. The foreign-born population in Indiana is larger than the population of Fort Wayne, our second largest city currently at 252,000..." (more)
Stability and Volatility in Personal Income Growth
Sep-Oct 2009 - "Personal income in the nation grew by 0.8 percent from the first quarter of 2008 (2008.1) through the same quarter this year (2009.1); Indiana grew half as fast at 0.4 percent. We ranked 35th among the 50 states while West Virginia led the nation with a 4.5 percent growth rate and Nevada trailed with a 2 percent decline in personal income..." (more)
Commuting Brings Money In or Takes Money Out
Jul-Aug 2009 - "Adjustment for residence: it's one tiny line in the personal income calculation that converts earnings by place of work to data by place of residence. However, these data are also valuable when it comes to answering other questions, such as the impact of local commuting on county income." (more)
Breaking Down the Housing Market
Jul-Aug 2009 - "Foreclosures are up and housing prices are down. In all of this turmoil, how is Indiana being affected? Is Indiana's experience similar to what is happening around the country? This brief article focuses on those two issues, in context with the nation and the Midwest." (more)
Job Wages (OES)
Job Wages data and reports are now available for all regions for 2008.
More Than One Census
May-Jun 2009 - "Upon hearing the word 'census,' the decennial census, which concerns itself primarily with the characteristics of the nation's residents, is likely what comes to mind. However, two other major censuses have recently released data: the Census of Agriculture and the Economic Census..." (more)
Earnings of a Lifetime: Comparing Women and Men with College and Graduate Degrees
Mar-Apr 2009 - "While women are now more likely to complete four-year college degrees than men, it is less clear whether their higher levels of education will translate into closing the wage gap..." (more)
Manufacturing Drove Indiana Compensation in 2007
Mar-Apr 2009 - "Despite Indiana's diversification away from manufacturing, that sector still ranked number one in share of total compensation in 2007 (the latest year for which federal data are available)..." (more)
Churning Jobs Through 2010
Jan-Feb 2009 - "Job churning, the voluntary movement of workers from one job to another similar job, is an important but seldom noted factor in the labor market..."(more)
The Wait Is Over - ACS Data for Areas with Populations of 20,000 or More
Jan-Feb 2009 - "In December 2008, the Census Bureau released the first-ever American Community Survey three-year estimates..."(more)
2008 Completer's Data
Completer's data is now available (more)
Population and Employment Change in Indiana
Jul-Aug 2009 - "Indiana has seen 22 years of uninterrupted annual population growth. While the state's population has grown consistently, this growth has not occurred evenly throughout this period. Most notably, Indiana's lowest population gains in recent years coincided with the recession of the early 2000s." (more)
Personal Income Growth Slows
May-Jun 2009 - "Indiana's personal income grew by 3.34 percent, the 38th fastest rate in the nation and the state's best ranking since 2003. This is about half a percentage point below the nation's rate but better than the Great Lakes region's 3.23 percent growth..." (more)
Population by Age
Population by Age has now been updated with 2007 data (more)
2007 Indiana Economic Analysis Report
An in depth analysis of Indiana's economy for 2007 (more)
Increasing Per Capita Personal Income in Indiana
Nov-Dec 2008 - "This is one of those good news, bad news stories. First, some good news: In recent years, the unemployment rate in Indiana has been lower than all Midwestern states..." (more)
Higher Education: Women take lead
Nov-Dec 2008 - "The latest educational attainment data from the U.S. Census Bureau show that more women under the age of 45, at both the state and national level..." (more)
Consumer Price Index at 216.7 in January 2010
January 2010 data is now available (more)
On Labor Force, Employment and Jobs (IN Context)
Sept-Oct 2008 – " ...Indiana has marked some significant employment milestones... " (more)
Indiana's Leading Export Industries (IN Context)
Sept-Oct 2008 – " This article...focuses on Indiana's exports in three industries: 1) vehicle and parts, 2) industrial machinery and 3) pharmaceutical products " (more)
Consumer Price Index at 219.1 in August 2008
August 2008 Data Now Available (more)
Latest Personal Income Stats (IN Context)
May 2008 data Now Available (more)
Consumer Price Index at 213.5 in March 2008
March Data Now Available (more)
Trends in Indiana's School-Age Population (IN Context)
Which areas of the state can expect growing school-age populations and which will experience a decline? (more)
Consumer Price Index at 211.1 in January 2008
January 2007 Data (more)
Workers Needed: Please Apply by 2025 (IN Context article)
The Changing 25-to-54 Age Group (more)
Consumer Price Index at 210.0 in December 2007
December 2007 Data Now Available (more)
Nurses in Demand: Hot Jobs by Indiana Region (IN Context article)
Registered nurse is the hottest job throughout Indiana, according to the Department of Workforce Development (DWD). (more)
CES At A Glance Graphs and Tables
November 2007 Edition Now Available (more)
Consumer Price Index at 210.2 in November 2007
November 2007 Data Now Available (more)
Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW)
1st Quarter 2007 Data Now Available (more)
County Highlights Update
Population Projections Updated on Population Pages (more)
Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW)
2nd Quarter 2007 QCEW Report Now Available (more)
Hoosier Engines of Job Growth (IN Context) – December 2007
One of Indiana's engines for job growth and job creation actually has engines: the auto industry. (more)
CES At A Glance Graphs and Tables
October 2007 Edition Now Available (more)
Labor Surplus Areas
Labor Surplus Areas for FY 2008 Now Available (more)
Indiana’s Unemployment Rate at 4.6 Percent (Seasonally-Adjusted) in October 2007
October 2007 Indiana Employment Report (more).
Consumer Price Index at 208.9 in October 2007
October 2007 Data Now Available (more)
The Future of Work in Indiana: Job Migration and Industry Realignments (IN Context article)
Many industries and occupations see offshoring as a threat to their continued viability in today's marketplace... (more)
CES at a Glance and Indiana Employment Review
September 2007 CES at a Glance and Indiana Employment Review Now Available (more)
Personal Income and Per Capita Income
2006 Data Updated for Indiana and U.S. Now Available (more)
Indiana’s Unemployment Rate at 4.5 Percent (Seasonally-Adjusted) in September 2007
September 2007 Indiana Employment Report (more).
Consumer Price Index at 208.5 in September 2007
September 2007 Data Now Available (more)
Offshoring and Near-Shoring: Movement of Work Studies
The national debate on offshoring continues as economists dispute the impact of the movement of jobs overseas...(more)
Beyond the Front Desk of the Hospitality Industry (IN Context) – October 2007
Often viewed as stepping-stone employment... (more)
CES At A Glance Graphs and Tables
August 2007 Edition Now Available (more)
Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW)
1st Quarter 2007 Quarterly Reports Now Available (more)
Consumer Price Index at 207.9 in August 2007
August 2007 Data Now Available (more)
2004-2014 Occupational Projections
Spreadsheets Updated With 2006 Wage Data (more)
Government Transfer Payments
2005 Data Now Available (more)
Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW)
2006 Annual Summaries Now Available (more)
Opportunity Varies by Geography (IN Context article)
Long-Term Job Outlook in Indiana's Economic Growth Regions (more)
Indiana's On the Map (IN Context article)
New Way to Access Labor Force Data (more)
Regional Profile Data
2006 Data Released for Demographics, Education, and Building Permits (more)
Population by Age and Race and Ethnicity
Demographics Datasets Updated for 2006
CES At A Glance Graphs and Tables
July 2007 Edition Now Available (more)
2004-2014 Industry Projections
Regional Data Now Available (more)
Industries by Job and Jobs by Industry
2004-2014 Regional Data Now Available
Automated County Highlights Publication
County Snapshots of Demographics and Workforce Data (more)
2004-2014 Occupational Projections
Regional Data and Spreadsheets Now Available (more)
Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs
Regional Listings Now Available (more)
Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW)
4th Quarter 2006 and 2006 Annual Data Now Available (more)
Vital Signs Strong for Vital Industry (IN Context article)
Health Services in Northwest Indiana (more)
Consumer Price Index at 208.4 in June 2007
June 2007 Data Now Available (more)
CES At A Glance Graphs and Tables
June 2007 Edition Now Available (more)
The Wage Pyramid (IN Context article)
Wage Variance in Indiana (more)
Plastics are Big Business in Indiana (IN Context article)
Plastics Product Manufacturing in Indiana Grew 22 Percent Between 1990 and 2006. (more)
Completers Postsecondary Education
2006 Data Now Available (more)
Major Employers by County/Region
New Feature Based On InfoUSA Now Available (more)
OES Employment and Wage Survey Reports
2006 Reports Available for State and MSAs (more)
Building Permits
2006 Data Released (more)
County Level Unemployment Insurance Claims
January-May 2007 Data Updated (more)
CES At A Glance Graphs and Tables
May 2007 Edition Now Available (more)
The Power of One (IN Context article)
One-Employee Establishments in Indiana (more)
Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW)
4th Quarter 2006 Quarterly Reports Now Available (more)
Average Annual Wage in Indiana for 2006 at $35,190/year
May 2006 Job Wages (OES) Data Now Available (more)
2000-2006 Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) Revised
Benchmark Revisions Now Available (more)
CES At A Glance Graphs and Tables
April 2007 Edition Now Available (more)
Custom Region Builder
Tool to Create Regions Available for Select Topics (more)
Putting Feet on Research (IN Context article)
Applying Skill Pathway Analysis to Workforce Development (more)
CES At A Glance Graphs and Tables
March 2007 Edition Now Available (more)
More than Rocket Scientists Put a Man on the Moon (from IN Context)
High-Wage, High-Demand Jobs with Two Years of Training or Less (more)
On the Road Again (from IN Context)
How Hoosiers Get to Work (more).
Moving Toward Tomorrow’s Jobs (from IN Context)
Indiana’s New Skill Pathways and Guides (more).
As the Workforce Churns (from IN Context)
Indiana's 2005:3 Quarterly Workforce Indicators (more).
From a Lost Job to a New Career (from IN Context)
Indiana's New Skills-Based Career Clusters (more).
Indiana Unemployment Rate Drops to 4.8 Percent (Seasonally-Adjusted) in November
State, County and MSA Unemployment Report (more).
The Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick-Maker Revisited
Indiana's New Skills-Based Career Clusters (more).
Indiana Unemployment Rate Drops to 5.0 Percent (Seasonally-Adjusted) in October
State, County and MSA Unemployment Report (more).
Measuring Worker Productivity
Comparing Indiana to its Neighbors (more).
Indiana Unemployment Rate Drops to 5.1 Percent (Seasonally-Adjusted) in September
State, County and MSA Unemployment Report (more).
Indiana Unemployment Rate Down to 5.3 Percent (Seasonally-Adjusted) in August
State, County and MSA Unemployment Report (more).
Indiana Occupational Employment Outlook to 2014
Indiana employment is expected to grow by 302,600 jobs between 2004 and 2014... (more).
Honda Hiring Hotline
Toll-free number for job and recruiting updates (more).
Indiana Unemployment Rate Up in July
State, County and MSA Unemployment Report (more).
Employment Up 24,300 Jobs From July of Last Year
Monthly Jobs Report (more).
Automobile Assembly in Indiana
The infusion of 2,000 to 4,000 manufacturing jobs at the Honda plant... (more).
Indiana Unemployment Rate Up in June
State, County and MSA Unemployment Report (more).
Employment Up 25,200 Jobs From Last Year
Monthly Jobs Report (more).
Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs
Fast Growth, Opportunities, and Good Pay (more).
Indiana Unemployment Rate Up Slightly in May
State, County and MSA Unemployment Report (more).
May Employment Increases by 2,500 Jobs in Indiana
Monthly Jobs Report (more).
Eastern Indiana to Receive $2.1 Million To Create New Jobs
Jobs Created in Emerging Industries, Shortage Occupations (more).
Indiana Unemployment Rate Holds Steady in April
State, County and MSA Unemployment Report (more).
Hoosiers by the Numbers Launched
Press Release About This Site (more).
Number of jobs in Indiana 18,500 Higher than Last Year
Monthly Jobs Report (more).
New and Emerging Occupations in Indiana (from IN Context)
New occupations born and existing occupations adapted (more).
March Unemployment Falls to 5.4 Percent (NSA*)
State, County and MSA Unemployment Report (more).
Coal Mining In Indiana (from IN Context)
All Fired Up or In The Pits? (more)
Hoosier Jobs Most In Demand
Posters Identify Top Growing, High Wage Occupations (more).
March Job Figures Show 5,600 Job Increase
Monthly Jobs Report (more).
February Unemployment Increases to 5.8 Percent
State, County, and MSA Unemployment Report (more).
February Job Figures Show 2,600 Job Increase
Monthly Jobs Report (more).
Location Quotients (from IN Context)
A Tool for Comparing Regional Industry Compositions (more).
January Unemployment Drops to 4.7 Percent
State, County, and MSA Unemployment Report (more).